Jarrod Cardona aka ‘The Crazy Trainer’ owns and operates a training facility in Orlando, Florida called The Training Spot. 

He specializes in 3-dimensional kettlebell movements, juggling, and BIG bell strength training. He is an L2 Landmine University Educator, which means he is certified to lead and educate certifications / educational seminars. He is also a certified and practiced Steel Mace Flow coach. 

He loves movement exploration. In his view, every tool is just an extension of our bodies, and how we train and move is the way we live. He plans to #TrainCrazy (train with passion) for his time on this planet.

In this podcast we discussed:

  • How to balance structure & play
  • The difference between Traditional vs Functional vs Unconventional Training
  • What is a reciprocal relationship and why do we need more of them
  • How to “Slap some hair on your chest” and overcome challenging shit

Much love and peace be with you


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