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“You can’t hate yourself into someone you love”. When Josh said that, it sent chills through my body.

Josh Rose is a Transformational Coach, Trauma Informed Plant Medicine, Kambo & Breathwork Practitioner who has been supporting individuals in naturally healing from depression, anxiety, and trauma for 8+ years.

He helps people transform their lives from the inside out by shifting one’s consciousness out of the distortions of shame & unworthiness created by trauma, back into harmony with the truth of their authentic selves so they can BE who they truly are and create a life they truly love.

In this episode we covered,

  • Why “self-help” is making us helplessly miserable
  • The problem with the “I am broken” mindset to healing & transformation
  • Why we need to ditch the tendency to identify with our trauma
  • How to create the type of self-love that feels like a “FUCK YES”

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