Niajae is a Sound Therapist and coach, passionate about helping her clients release blocks and live to their full potential. She is also the host of the Abundance Hack podcast, which shares tips and healing modalities to help you live an Abundant life.

Niajae offers Sound Healing, coaching, and Chakra balancing both virtually, and in-person at her meditation studio, located in Tampa, FL.

Niajae believes Bliss is our natural state, and Abundance is our birthright.

What does it mean to be ABUNDANT and how do we access it? This is a question we got to explore in this week’s podcast with Niajae. Niajae is a shining example of what it looks like to OWN all of who you are and live in ABUNDANCE. This conversation was an epic breakdown on what it takes to raise our vibration to bring into our lives that which we seek & how to overcome the inevitable bumps on the journey.

Peace and Love be with you 🙂

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