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Brian Carew is a Holistic Embodiment & Erotic Coach. Brian has a special gift for helping people to feel both more empowered and pleasurable in their own bodies through the ancient technologies of breathwork, movement, and energy awareness

Sex. Love. Intimacy. Pornography. Butt Stuff. Foot Fetishism. Sexual Shame & Guilt. Unlocking Your FULL FUCK. 

Just a few topics of conversation from this podcast. It was uncomfortable at moments…AND…It was REAL.

We are shedding light and LOVE on topics of conversation that often get shrouded in disgust, shame, and ridicule

In this episode we covered,

  • Why FOCUSING On Orgasm Is Limiting Our Pleasure
  • Why LUST Is A NECESSARY Element Of Sexuality
  • How To SHED SHAME & GUILT Around Your Sexuality
  • How Pornography Is DIS-Connecting Us From Our Pleasure

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