Meet Wolf

Transcending Adversity

By the age of 22, Wolf graduated from the University of Central Florida with 3.98 GPA and Magna Cum Laude honors and zero student loan debt. Not only did he pay his way through college and pay for his first car in full, he also did all of this while maintaining 4 jobs at the same time. Now from the outside looking in, it might appear as if he had it all together, but the truth of the matter was he was suffering in silence.

As a result of working and schooling 60-70 hours a week, the loss of his 2 of his closest friends and severe injuries from a brutal car wreck, Wolf found himself battling severe depression and anxiety. He lost all joy and excitement for the things in life that he had once loved and was inspired by. Numb and without hope, Wolf was ready to give up.

One day, it dawned on Wolf that he had let the circumstances of his life get him down and that he had become a victim of his own CHOICES. Wolf realized with the power of choice and good intention that he once again could live a life that truly inspired him. Following this realization, Wolf went on a relentless pursuit to heal and transform his own life. With the help of many books, video instructionals, workshops, trainings, and high-level coaches and mentors he was able to completely alter his life from one of pain and helplessness to one of joy and empowered living.

In the process of transforming his own life, Wolf found his passion for helping other young people to improve their overall quality of life, one CHOICE at a time.

Wolf is now on a mission to empower all young people to UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN THEM AND CREATE THE LIFE OF THEIR DREAMS.